Cracked and split roof waterproof layer!

Protect your building and keep it safe for a long time with JEONGWOO FLOW Waterproof Solution, instead of conventional coating with low durability and short life span.

Eco-friendly & Water-based Waterproof Solution

Building protection






life span


  • JEONGWOO FLOW Waterproof Solution offers excellent performance and a long life span.

  • Extend the life span of the building by water ingress prevention, repetition, and safeguard a pleasant indoor environment.

  • Strong adhesion helps to reduce the defects.

  • High elasticity and durability provide protection of the building for a long time.

  • Reliable service from start to finish guaranteed.

Exisiting waterproof coat problems

​1. Vibration 

All buildings have vibrations of various intensity. Cracks can occur on the surface, for example, due to concrete behaviors. In this case, the non-elastic waterproof layer can easily be split and broken.

JEONGWOO FLOW Waterproof Solution has more than 200% elasticity which helps protect the coating from vibrations that affect buildings.


Crack of building

(i.e. concrete)

Waterproof layer fracture

Expansion of crack

2. Life span of waterproof coating

If construction work was correct, the waterproof top layer would have a lifetime to 4 to 6 years. When the choice of material is based on the lowest price selection method other than the technical standard, however, defects usually start to occur within one year whereas repair work is required.

JEONGWOO FLOW Waterproof Solution provides reliable waterproofing performance through professional diagnostics and services.

3. Deterioration of coating

Urethane coating can be easily destructed and damaged by UV rays and heat.

A defect occurs as the property changes.

JEONGWOO FLOW Waterproof solution has a long span thanks to high weatherability with UV and heat resistance performance.

Degradation due to deterioration

Damage due to moisture


Anywhere you need protection from moisture!

Roofs and rooftops


Swimming pools


Verandas and balconies

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