JEONGWOO FLOW's Heat Reflective Solution

The ultimate solution to all roofs

The Earth is heating up faster than ever in the last 100 years. The world is facing climate change that has never been experienced before, despite all the efforts to reduce gas emissions.

Now that global warming is a fait accompli, it is of importance to minimize the greenhouse gas emission and damage caused by climate change.


JEONGWOO FLOW offers Heat Reflective Solution, to adapt to the changing climate and its phenomena such as heat wave or tropical nights.

Why JEONGWOO FLOW's Heat Reflective Solution?

JEONGWOO FLOW seeks to create a new service platform that will eliminate the information gap between consumer and business, by solving the asymmetry of information in paint selection and construction.

To which company

should I assign the job?

Did I choose

the wrong paint?

What paint should

I use?

Did the construction team

make a mistake?

→ Let the professionals handle it for you!

​Experimental Know-how

  1. Choosing the best material through thorough analysis

  2. Performance verification with various tests

Constructional Know-how

 1. Preliminary diagnostic service

 2.Professional construction according to various construction sites

 3. Report on construction results



 1. Professional work-team

 2. Professional supervisor

 :NACE Coating Insperctor Lv.2

 3. State-of-the-art solution

architecture and outcome


Total Solution

 1. Full solution care from start to finish

 2. Pre/Post thermal imaging

and temperature analysis

 3. Reliable service guaranteed



I have ○○ problem.

I need ○○○.

I want to do it

until ○○○.



solved !!

In 2018, JEONGWOO FLOW installed more than 100 Heat Reflective Solutions.

- Is the Heat Reflective Solution really effective?

*Scroll to see the difference

For accuracy, only the half of the roof was installed with the heat reflective solution.

The temperature of the normal roof reached to as high as 70.8℃, while HR-applied surface was only recording 36.2℃. The temperature difference has been substantially reduced by 34.6℃, only when the solution is installed correctly and precisely.

Benefits of HR-Solution

Comfortable indoor environment

· Roof surface temperature reduced by 20~30℃ on average.

Increase lifetime of building(Weather-proof)

· No more urethane paint with short life span.

Environment-conscious product

· Safe & eco-friendly water-based solution.

Various colors

· ​A variety of color for different tastes.


General Buildings

Educational facilities / Houses

Living facilities / Medical facilities

Industrial Facilities

Warehouse / Outdoor equipment

Factory / Storage tanks


Concrete mixer trucks / Trains

Bridges / Containers


Poultry farms / Pig farms

Cowsheds / Feed box

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