Eco-friendly & Water-based Heat Insulation solutions

→ Jeongwoo Flow offers distinctive Heat Insulation Solution with confidence,

 to those who may have been disappointed by existing insulation applications.

Reasons to choose JEONGWOO FLOW Heat insulation solution in industry

1. Safe work environment

​· Can be applied to complex structure.

​· Prevent workers from burns.

​· Prevent slip and fall injury caused by condensation.

​· Enable the monitoring of crack on equipment or pipe.

​· Prevent fire by fireproofing and flame retardant function.

2. Clean work environment

​· No fine dust from conventional insulation materials.

​· Eliminate the need for replacement and industrial waste.

​· Prevent condensation and mold.

3. Energy and cost saving

​· Reduce energy cost by maximizing insulation performance and minimizing heat loss.

​· No need for replacement over the short term of 2~3 years.


Electric Power Stations

Hot water pipes

High temperature pipes

Steam tanks

Ventilation ducts

Fuel storage tanks


Main Stack

Bypass Stack

Industrial Estate

Heat-resistant pipes

Tubing valves

Products storages

Pipe Rack

Fuel tanks

Ventilation ducts



Ship & Marine Service

Tubing valves


Fuel tanks

Heating Pipe

Ventilation ducts


Food company

Heat exchanger

Hydraulic systems

Sterilization tanks(Chamber)

Low temperature warehouse

Steaming tunnels

Boiler rooms


Outer and inner walls

Substitution of buildings


Concrete constructions

Building heat resistance (materials)



Insulation coating reduces heat dissipation loss

Heat Insulation Solution for Steam Pipes

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